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To help improve the building experience for our clients we have introducing a Complete Design Solution.

When a client walks into a Design/Drafting office generally all they get is a set of plans. Most of the time they have not idea what to do next but the Drafting Office sends them on their way with a note to see a Certifier or Council.

From personal experience, building your own house is a huge under-taking. Submit applications, organise consultants, quotes & choose almost everything from windows to the colour of the guttering that will go into your home before you even get to a Building Contract.

I would like to make it easier & a much more pleasant experience for my clients.

We use various forms of software from Cad (computer aided design) to engineer based programs.

Our Residential Design & Drafting Services include:

New house, extensions, alterations & renovations. We also cater for ‘Show Cause Notices’ (where Council have issued you a notice to rectify or obtain approval for structures)

Our Consultancy service includes organising & obtaining quotes as necessary from Engineers, Surveyors, Building Certifiers, Quantity Surveyors, Tenders & Defect Reports. You can decide how much of this you want to do for yourself.

We are a member of the Queensland Building Design Association (QBDA) & Queensland Master Builders Association (QMBA) which means we are kept up to date with the latest changes & improvements with in the industry.

If you choose to use our services we will design a building with in your budget & you will know what your building cost should be before you hand the plans to a Builder & know which are the preferred builder’s. You will also understand, which Building Contracts are best suited to the client, not the builder. We will take it from Design to the point where you can sign a Building Contract

We are not builders or developers & do not engage in kickbacks. We do charge a minimal fee to organise & communicate the process depending on your level of involvement.

This could save you $$$$ & a great deal of time.

Come in & talk to use with a no obligation consultation & see how we can help you.

Sunshine Coast Drafting Services by Daryl Wood, Maroochydore’s Building Design Services Specialist.
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After all that the fun starts

If you were building a new house I would recommend you do the following:

Engage a Quantity Surveyor to establish what the house should be costing to build (with in reason).


  1. Have the quote put out for tender.
  2. You can then pass this on to builders you know & restrict how many builders you want to quote by picking ones you have researched, stick with 4 to 6 builders.

    By doing the quantity survey you will know which builders are pricing to much or not enough & you should be able to establish why this is the case if you have a tender report carried out once the quotes have been received.

    This process could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

  3. Have the builder use a Queensland Building Services Authority (QBSA) contract for best client protection
  4. Once you have chosen the builder & signed the contract life should be a little better knowing you have done the best you can do to protect yourself. Which by the way is more than probably 99% of the rest of the population does.

    The services that we provide can take you through these services with minium stress.

This again is a simplified look at the process, there are a lot of other factors that you will be required to work through, like the type of fit out you require in the house to the colour section but at least we can remove the most important part of the process leaving you more time to create the home you will be happy with.

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If you would like Drafting Concepts to help you begin the building process with a free drafting services quote, please contact us on 0403 829 376 or via our online contact form.

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