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To help improve the building experience for our clients we have introducing a Complete Design Solution.

When a client walks into a Design/Drafting office generally all they get is a set of plans. Most of the time they have not idea what to do next but the Drafting Office sends them on their way with a note to see a Certifier or Council.

From personal experience, building your own house is a huge under-taking. Submit applications, organise consultants, quotes & choose almost everything from windows to the colour of the guttering that will go into your home before you even get to a Building Contract.

I would like to make it easier & a much more pleasant experience for my clients.

We use various forms of software from Cad (computer aided design) to engineer based programs.

Our Residential Design & Drafting Services include:

New house, extensions, alterations & renovations. We also cater for ‘Show Cause Notices’ (where Council have issued you a notice to rectify or obtain approval for structures)

Our Consultancy service includes organising & obtaining quotes as necessary from Engineers, Surveyors, Building Certifiers, Quantity Surveyors, Tenders & Defect Reports. You can decide how much of this you want to do for yourself.

We are a member of the Queensland Building Design Association (QBDA) & Queensland Master Builders Association (QMBA) which means we are kept up to date with the latest changes & improvements with in the industry.

If you choose to use our services we will design a building with in your budget & you will know what your building cost should be before you hand the plans to a Builder & know which are the preferred builder’s. You will also understand, which Building Contracts are best suited to the client, not the builder. We will take it from Design to the point where you can sign a Building Contract

We are not builders or developers & do not engage in kickbacks. We do charge a minimal fee to organise & communicate the process depending on your level of involvement.

This could save you $$$$ & a great deal of time.

Come in & talk to use with a no obligation consultation & see how we can help you.

Sunshine Coast Drafting Services by Daryl Wood, Maroochydore’s Building Design Services Specialist.
Contact Drafting Concepts Today.

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Pricing and Quotes

The first and best approach to getting started is to discuss your design needs with our drafting design team. There are a couple of key things you should consider including the approximate size of your house, the level of detail you want in a plan (i.e. electrical layout, quantity surveying, and/or full site plans). We also need to know how much work you have already completed like gaining existing site plans, and soil tests. Generally, though, an estimate for many jobs can be done over the phone.  However, to get an accurate quote, we will ask for more detailed information.

Costs will depend on the service you want us to perform. If you are looking for complete guidance to getting quotes from consultants, we will need to work through the council, get engineers reports, soil samples and site layouts plans. This will be more costly than creating a design for a deck.

Once we have identified the nature of our service to you we can give you a formal written quote. We will require a deposit prior to starting.

Drawing changes:

As part of our service we provide free minor changes to all designs and drawings and providing they take less than 15 minutes can be returned within 5 hours. However, major changes may need to be requoted. (more…)

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Block Selection & Orientation

The design of a house or an addition to a home requires a systematic and rationale approach to design. Design is about combining creative concepts with form and function.  Begin your design process by looking around at display homes or through design magazines, identify what you want, and what you can afford. Once you have the basic plan and design elements worked out you can start to talk about designing your project. Some issues that you should now start to consider are:

  • Selection of the block
  • Energy efficiency requirements and building alignment
  • Life style
  • Budget

    Selection of the block

    Many people starting out to build their dream home tend to look at a block of land and then seek to get a house to fit. Many building developers create a sub division from a secured allotment of land. In order to make a profit a developer will identify the number of blocks they need and where those blocks need to be located. They are required to put in power and other services with a minimum street size.  The prevailing decision is rarely what the client wants but what profit can be created from the venture.

    However, as the customer you can choose the block that suits what you want to do with it. A couple of design tips that may help you are:

    Do you want the sun in the house and if so where and when do you want it to come in?

    Ideally the building should be positioned to catch the winter sun, especially in South East Queensland. However, in warmer tropical climates it is better to reduce sun exposure to the windows by having wider sofits. Other design tips you may want to consider are:

    Face low traffic area rooms to the south east including:

    • Garages
    • Laundry
    • Wet areas
    • Generally rooms that can be blocked off

    Face certain areas north west to north east including:

    • Living areas
    • Dining
    • Decks
    • Bedrooms

    Life Style

    • Do you entertain? If so do you need a veranda or outdoor entertaining area?
    • Do you require drive through access to the backyard?
    • What storage do you want?
    • How many rooms and where do you want them located?
    • How many car parks?
    • Do you need a shed or workshop?
    • Do you want a walk in robe?
    • Do you need/want an ensuite?

    Once you have a bit of a picture of what you are looking for in a house you should probably reconsider your block purchase and may be pay a little more for a block that will enable you to build the home you want.


    This is probably the most defining factor in your whole design. Consider the very maximum you are prepared to pay.  Building the house is only part of the equation.  You need to consider the type of fittings, floor coverings, white goods and landscaping. (more…)

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    Copyright Info – How does Copyright Work become protected?

    Information here has been sourced from the BDAQ Copyright Handbook, by R D Brandon First edition Aug 2001 & permission granted to use it.

    For most of us there is a misconception as to what is Copyright.

    The Copyright laws are most difficult to fully understand & even more difficult to manage.

    For this reason I will only tough briefly on the subject to hopefully provide some insight.


    This in its self is wide open to contest.

    How does Copyright Work become protected?

    We know that the protection provided by copyright law requires no special action, no cost for registration or the like. It begins as soon as pen hits paper & lasts for 50 years after the author dies.

    Provided the work is not a copy & that it is the product of the author’s skill & effort.

    You can add a copyright notice but it is not required in Australia. (more…)

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    The Copyright Owner

    The Copyright owner: THE AUTHOR OF THE ORIGINAL WORK

    Generally the person who gives “expression to the ideas or information”

    i.e. The person who does the drawing even if it is a drawing of someone else’s ideas.


    • An employee preparing drawings under the terms of employment does not own copyright.
    • Government usually retains copyright in work prepared on their behalf.

    Only the copyright owner can reproduce- photocopy, hand copy, computer readable version, make public for the first time or broadcast or transmit the material.

    But the client can use the work for the purpose it for which it was created. (more…)

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    Copyright Infringements

    You may be infringing on a copyright by:

    Reproducing, making public, broadcasting the work or part of the work (not necessarily a proportionally large part but should be an important part).

    Authorising any of the above &/or using material that infringes the above.

    Note that importing; selling or distributing infringing material is also an infringement of copyright.

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