Drafting Concepts - building designer

Copyright Infringements

You may be infringing on a copyright by:

Reproducing, making public, broadcasting the work or part of the work (not necessarily a proportionally large part but should be an important part).

Authorising any of the above &/or using material that infringes the above.

Note that importing; selling or distributing infringing material is also an infringement of copyright.

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The Building Process

There are many levels to the building process depending on the size, zoning & complexity.

Sometimes even a basic building application can trigger move complex requirements

At times people will ask a Builder or Building Certifier what it is they need to do.

Your first port of call needs to be a Building Designer or Architect.

If you ask a builder to design & price the building you will be stuck with that builder’s pricing & not be able to use another builder due to copyright issues. This will mean you may have to start from scratch again.

It may of cost you many hundreds if not thousands of dollars to that point. (more…)

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You need to be independent

A Building Certifier will pass you on to a Building Designer, Architect or Draftsperson.

If we take a basic example where a building application is required under a self-assessable application relating directly to a residential house, which does not trigger any development issues then the process will be the following.

A Building Designer or Architect will evaluate the site; the house design & the zoning to establish what can be built on the site.

The house is then design & plans drawn hopefully to reflect the client’s budget.

At this point they may need to use consultants like Surveyors or Engineers

Once the plans have being drawn for Construction Issue, they are then forwarded to relative consultants, these being

Engineers for footing, slab & other structure design elements.

Soil test: to evaluate the soil structure so that the engineers can design the footings accordingly. Usually Engineers provide this service but can be independent.

Energy Efficiency Compliance: some times done by the Building Designer Or Building Certifier.

This information is then passed on to the Building Certifier. These guys require multiple copies of everything & in time I will post these on my web site. Generally they will provide you with a list of items they require before they even take the plans over the desk. (more…)

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