About Us

drafting services sunshine coast
We are a Local Sunshine Coast Residential Building Design Business.

Our focus is predominantly around the Sunshine Coast & South Brisbane.

Technology means we can produce designs & drawings for any part of Australia.

Our local area is our home ground & we know it very well.

We operate from offices at 8 Yucca Court, Mountain Creek QLD 4557.

My name is Daryl Wood & the business is operated as a Sole Trader.

The business is maintained by my partner Kwang ja Lim & myself.

The experience I have gained over the years is quite extensive.

Initially I started work as a Carpentry Apprentice obtaining Trade & Advanced Trade qualifications.

Design & drafting was my passion so from there I studied full time towards New Zealand Architectural Diploma.

When I came to the Gold Coast in 1993 I continued my studies & find employment in the retail trade side in a timber yard this involved estimating & customer services, which lead to roof & floor truss design & manufacture along with learning about local timber & manufactured products.

After completing most of my studies the decision was made to purchase a computer system & throw myself in the deep end working on a contract basis for a local builder. Two years later I find myself working as an employee for a modular housing company where my Cad skills where developed. When the company foldered (not my fault) I find myself working for what is now a very large volume builder. At that time I implemented improvements to their Cad environment & increased the productivity of the company. In return my knowledge on the BCA & local Government regulations was dramatically improved.

After a few years I again moved on & tried my hand at development while still maintaining contract work from my former employer.

The focus has now shifted from 100% contract work with builders to a mix of 50% builders & 50% directly dealing with the general public hence the need to produce a web site to accommodate this need.

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drafting services sunshine coast